ColoQuik™ Protein-DNA Interaction Assay

Characterizing protein-DNA interactions is crucial for understanding cellular processes such as gene transcription and signal transduction. Hence, an accurate and efficient characterization of protein-DNA interactions is of utmost importance. Currently available screening tools such as EMSA and ChIP utilize techniques that are highly laborious and time-consuming, thus rendering the characterization process much less efficient.

The Biofactory's ColoQuik™ Protein-DNA interaction assay harnesses a proprietary colorimetric reagent technology for the assessment of protein-DNA interactions in cell-free systems. Each of our kits is customized for the study of a particular transcription-DNA interaction: ERα, ERβ, or p53. Compared to conventional tools such as EMSA and ChIP, these label-free assays do not involve fluorescence or radioactive labelling of components and require only a half-hour to complete. The instant colorimetric changes can be visualized by eye or measured with routinely-used microplate readers, hence providing fast, superior, and easy-to-use options for protein-DNA functionality analysis or high-throughput primary drug screening.

Read more about the principle behind the colorimetric assessment of protein-DNA interactions with ColoQuik™ here

We also offer customised protein-DNA interaction kits optimised for specific proteins according to customer needs. Do contact us via our Contact Form or email us at for more information.